Kennett Genealogy (South Kent)

Kennett Genealogy (South Kent)

Welcome to the Kennett Family Tree.

This Kennett family originated in the north of Kent, UK, and via seafaring family members, spread to various sea ports including Bristol, and on into Somerset and Dorset.

The origin of the surname Kennett is thought to have originated from the name of a Cambridgeshire village or the River Kennet in Wiltshire and the East and West Kennett villages either side of it. However, the present-day Norman form of the name Kennett, is Quenet (or Quenot) and this was thought to have been the original name of these villages. If this is the case, the name may have come to England with the Norman conquest. Another thought is that as the biggest population of Kennett's in the UK lived in Kent, it could also be a derivation of the name of the county of Kent.

Within my tree I have two distinct Kennett family groups which do not appear to have a direct connection (more research needed), although they are linked via several marriages. To differentiate between them, I have roughly grouped them as the 'North Kent Kennetts' and the 'South Kent Kennetts'.

There are two trees devoted to the Kennett's - those mostly living in the north of Kent and those mostly residing in the south of Kent. These two trees are connected via several marriages in later years, but the search is on to find a common source for them.

With over 11,700 individuals in my family tree it has become unmanageable for a single web site. Therefore it has been split into a number of smaller sites based on major family groups. This means that inevitably there is some overlapping of surnames. The names that interest you may also be found in any of these sub-trees, so it's probably worth checking -


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