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Family of William Braddock KENNETT and Elizabeth BOWLES

Husband: William Braddock KENNETT (1772-bef1861)
Wife: Elizabeth BOWLES (c. 1772- )
Children: Matthew William KENNETT (1794- )
William Braddock KENNETT (1796- )
Barnard Parsons KENNETT (1799- )
Thomas Hammond KENNETT (c. 1802-1870)
Marriage 1 Dec 1793 Deal (St.Leonards), Kent

Husband: William Braddock KENNETT

Name: William Braddock KENNETT
Sex: Male
Father: Matthew KENNETT (1727- )
Mother: Suzanna BRADCOCK (c. 1741- )
Birth 9 Oct 1772 Dover, Kent
Christening 26 Oct 1772 (age 0) Dover (St.Mary's), Kent
Occupation Boat Builder
Death btw 1851 and 1861 (age 78-89)

Wife: Elizabeth BOWLES

Name: Elizabeth BOWLES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1772 Deal, Kent
Christening c. 1772 (age 0) Deal (St.Leonards), Kent

Child 1: Matthew William KENNETT

Name: Matthew William KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary PILCHER (1797- )
Christening 5 Nov 1794 (age -1) Deal (St.Leonards), Kent
Birth 19 Nov 1794 Deal, Kent

Child 2: William Braddock KENNETT

Name: William Braddock KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary PARLESS (1796- )
Birth 1796 Deal, Kent
Christening 21 Oct 1796 (age 0) Deal (St.Leonards), Kent
Occupation Nurseryman

Child 3: Barnard Parsons KENNETT

Name: Barnard Parsons KENNETT
Sex: Male
Birth 1799 Deal, Kent
Christening 13 May 1799 (age 0) Deal (St.Leonards), Kent

Child 4: Thomas Hammond KENNETT

Name: Thomas Hammond KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane HILTON (c. 1781-1866)
Birth c. 1802 Deal, Kent
Christening 3 Feb 1802 (age 0) Deal (St.Leonards), Kent
Occupation Mariner / Boatman
Death Q3 1870 (age 67-68) Eastry, Deal, Kent

Note on Husband: William Braddock KENNETT

One records shows their marriage as 24th.Nov.1793 at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Dover, Kent, another on 1 Dec 1793 at St.Leonards church Deal, Kent. It is more likely to be Deal as this was his wife's home town.

At the 1851 census he was a visitor at 17 Alfred Square, Deal, the home of Richard and Ann Cory and their 2 daughters. He was 78 and was a Boat Builder.