Family of Matthew KENNETT and Suzanna BRADCOCK

Husband: Matthew KENNETT (1727- )
Wife: Suzanna BRADCOCK (c. 1741- )
Children: William KENNETT (1765-1765)
William Braddock KENNETT (1772-bef1861)
Marriage 12 Oct 1762 Dover (St.Mary's), Kent

Husband: Matthew KENNETT

Name: Matthew KENNETT
Sex: Male
Father: Matthew Jurat KENNETT (1670-1744)
Mother: Effray SLEDEN (SHODDEN) (1674- )
Birth 1727 Dover, Kent
Christening 1727 (age 0) Dover (St.Mary's), Kent

Wife: Suzanna BRADCOCK

Name: Suzanna BRADCOCK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1741 Dover, Kent
Christening 1741 (age 0) Dover (St.Mary's), Kent

Child 1: William KENNETT

Name: William KENNETT
Sex: Male
Birth 1765 Dover, Kent
Christening 14 Sep 1765 (age 0) Dover (St.Mary's), Kent
Death 1765 (age 0) Dover, Kent
Burial 24 Sep 1765 Dover (St.Mary's), Kent

Child 2: William Braddock KENNETT

Name: William Braddock KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth BOWLES (c. 1772- )
Birth 9 Oct 1772 Dover, Kent
Christening 26 Oct 1772 (age 0) Dover (St.Mary's), Kent
Occupation Boat Builder
Death btw 1851 and 1861 (age 78-89)

Note on Husband: Matthew KENNETT

Mayor of Dover in 1777.


He took the leading part in framing the Dover Paving Act of 1778, which appointed a governing body called the Paving Commission. This had responsibility for improving the streets of Dover, which were in a very bad condition.

Note on Wife: Suzanna BRADCOCK

Suzanna's surname is given as Bradcock, but her childrens second names are given as Braddock.