Family of Peter CLYMO and Ann BANKS

Husband: Peter CLYMO (1802-1870)
Wife: Ann BANKS (1802-1843)
Marriage 26 Jul 1831 St.Austell, Cornwall

Husband: Peter CLYMO

Name: Peter CLYMO
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1802 Camborne, Cornwall
Death 28 Jul 1870 (age 67-68) Liskeard, Cornwall

Wife: Ann BANKS

Name: Ann BANKS
Sex: Female
Father: Baker BANKS (1767-1840)
Mother: Ann PEARCE (1766-1838)
Birth 1802 St.Austell, Cornwall
Christening 19 Sep 1802 (age 0) St.Austell, Cornwall
Death 12 Jun 1843 (age 40-41) Liskeard, Cornwall
Dean House
Burial 15 Jun 1843 St.Austell, Cornwall

Note on Wife: Ann BANKS

She was a witness to the day of departure from Charlestown of Deborah BANKS and Benjamin CARVOSSO on 8 Oct 1819.

She married Peter CLYMO Jnr, son of Peter CLYMO snr and Elizabeth VIVIAN, on 26 Jul 1831 at St Austell, Cornwall.

She appeared on the census of 6 Jun 1841 at St Blazey.

She died on 12 Jun 1843 at Liskeard, Cornwall and was buried on 15 Jun 1843 at St Austell, Cornwall.