Family of Charles Leighton KENNETT and Bella (Isabella) WHITE

Husband: Charles Leighton KENNETT (1795-1860)
Wife: Bella (Isabella) WHITE (c. 1803- )
Children: Charles KENNETT (1825-1875)
Alexander KENNETT (c. 1827- )
Status: Never Married

Husband: Charles Leighton KENNETT

Name: Charles Leighton KENNETT
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin KENNETT (1748-1826)
Mother: Ann KENNETT (1759-1837)
Birth 29 Apr 1795 Northfleet, Kent
Christening 26 May 1795 (age 0) Northfleet, Kent
Title Captain
Occupation Dartford and Chatham Militia
Death 12 Nov 1860 (age 65) Boulogne Sur Mer, France
Burial 1860 Boulogne Sur Mer, France

Wife: Bella (Isabella) WHITE

Name: Bella (Isabella) WHITE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1803 Cavan, Cavan County, Ireland

Child 1: Charles KENNETT

Name: Charles KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Caroline HAMILTON (1819-1870)
Birth 7 Sep 1825 Caven, Caven, Ireland
Death 8 Feb 1875 (age 49) Newry, Down, Ireland

Child 2: Alexander KENNETT

Name: Alexander KENNETT
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1827 Cavan, Cavan County, Ireland

Note on Wife: Bella (Isabella) WHITE

LDS records show Bella as having married Charles Kennett in about 1824.